The Law Firm

Dr. Vahsen  Dr. Müller Rechtsanwälte based in the South of the city of Cologne, have been consciously concentrating on representing national and international clients in their special fields. In addition to the firm’s classic operating areas of business law, the law firm has a well known reputation in the fields of logistics law, commercial and insurance law.
Sector-specific requirements are translated into individual solutions by the law firm’s partners inputting their knowledge and many years of experience. Dr. Vahsen – Dr. Müller Rechtsanwälte aspire to ensure efficient, customized consultancy at a high quality level in their specialist fields by offering the personal support without the heavy overhead costs that often accrue in the case of big law offices.

The Legal Fields

Commercial and Company Law

Dr. Vahsen  Dr. Müller Rechtsanwälte are your partner to answer all questions about commercial and company law.

Transport and Logistics

In the field of transport and logistics national and international companies are our clients.

Insurance Law

We advise our clients in issues of primary insurance and reinsurance law

Labour Law

We advise national and international companies and other clients in all questions of labour law.

Customs Law and Market Regulations

Dr. Vahsen ♢ Dr. Müller Rechtsanwälte support clients nation-wide in these fields of law.

Trademark and Competition Law

Clients appreciate the cooperation with Dr. Vahsen Dr. Müller in this legal field.


Dr. Lothar Vahsen
Dr. Lothar Vahsen
Dr. Andreas Müller
Dr. Andreas Müller